J. Robert Roofing: A Roofing Contractor Serving the City of Bloomington, MN

When out-of-towners think of Bloomington, the Mall of America may leap to mind. But denizens of this fair city would likely think first of the beautiful homes that line their streets. And we at J. Robert Roofing would agree, because we’ve enhanced that beauty and added value to those homes with the dozens of first-rate roofs we’ve installed and repaired.

Inquire about quality roofers at Bloomington’s annual Home Improvement Fair, and there’s a good chance our name will come up. Along with the pride that comes with 20 years of experience and hard-earned success, I’ve learned that Accountability Means Everything. From our free estimate to cleanup and beyond, I take a hands-on approach, working alongside my crew until your roofing project is finished. The result is seamless craftsmanship that ensures your complete satisfaction.

At J. Robert Roofing, caring about our customers by adhering to the highest standards is no cliché. It’s a fact: In more than two decades, there’s never been a single complaint against us listed with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry or the Better Business Bureau.

Check out this example perspective, and you’ll see a Bloomington home that had water damage because the original contractor failed to install flashing! At J. Robert Roofing, we do the job right the first time.

Are you tired of potential contractors pressuring you with sales pitches? Driving unmarked vans? Evading your questions about references? We at J. Robert Roofing actually prefer that you contact our references. We have testimonials on file that promote us better than we ever could. Just a few of the comments:

“Bob’s communication skills are what stands out the most; he’s very personable. …”;

“Not only did they do a superb job, but what really impressed me was that Bob called me up afterwards to see if I was having any problems …”;

“I would recommend J. Robert Roofing to anybody. …”;

“Three of my neighbors were so impressed, they had him replace their roofs right after mine.”

Please contact us and request a free estimate. We’d also be glad to address any and all of your questions and concerns. Nothing is more important than decisions involving your home, and we want you to know that J. Robert Roofing will always have your back.

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