J. Robert Roofing: A Roofing Contractor Serving the City of Chaska, MN

No doubt about it — Chaska is golf country. While dodging the occasional errant tee shot from one of the town’s many courses, my crew and I have tackled roofing projects on everything from Chaska’s rustic older dwellings as well its modern, more upscale homes featuring the latest amenities.

We’re J. Robert Roofing, and we specialize in residential housing. Our services range from free roof estimates, roof tear-offs, re-roof, roof repairs, flat roofing, metal roofing, seamless gutter replacement/installation and siding. This is all we do, and we do it well. I can back up that claim with these two facts: 1) I offer a 20-year warranty on all roofing projects; and 2) in those 20 years, I’ve never had a complaint filed against my company with the Minnesota Department of Labor or the Better Business Bureau.

Not coincidentally, during those two decades my company has continued to grow every year. First of all, I still have the same crew after all these years — which could never have happened if they weren’t people of superb professionalism, ability, commitment, not to mention loyalty. But the primary reason for our success is expressed in our motto: Accountability Means Everything.

How are we accountable? We let you tell us what you need, not the other way around. We inspect your roof carefully, pointing out any water damage, mold, and even potential problem areas. We clean up your property down to the last nail. And last, but not least, I personally will come back several times after the project is finished to ensure our work has measured up to your standards.

It’s only one of many reasons our customers have recommended us: We care, and we demonstrate that in our work as well as our follow-up. There are, unfortunately, contractors who don’t. Who entice you with a low bid and then get in over their head and can’t finish the job — which means you have to pay for the same project twice. Or who demand full or partial payment up front and then are impossible to get ahold of. Or who deny any responsibility if you experience a new water leak after they’ve “finished” your project.

Please contact us today to ask for a free estimate on installing or fixing your roof. We would enjoy sitting down with you and finding out how we can help

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