Consumer Awareness Roofing Videos

Roof Nails Driven Too Deeply

J. Robert Roofing was called out to provide repair estimate for wind damage to roof, but found the root of the problem was that the entire roof had over driven roofing nails. Roof nails should installed flat, flushed and along the shingle nailing line. Roof that is only 10 years old is starting to fall apart and will need to be replaced 15 years early because of bad craftsmanship.

Timberline Shingle Stress Cracking Problem

Additional evidence of the thermal stress cracking happening with the Timberline shingle. Video recorded on a roof in Chaska, MN.

Eden Prairie Roof Installed By J. Robert Roofing

New roof installed in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Shingle: Landmark Pro Color: Max Def Heather Blend
Installed by Eden Prairie roofing contractor J. Robert Roofing

Stress Cracking to a Roof

This Timberline shingle shows the problem of stress cracking that can occur to a shingle that is not built thick enough to handle the thermal shocks of Minnesota climates. We have seen this problem on several roofs with the Timberline shingle.

Roof Nails Popping Through Shingles

A roof that is only 10 years old has major defects with roofing nails popping back up through the shingles. Watch the video to learn what causes this and how to prevent it.

Roof Nails Improperly Installed

Last roofer over-drove the roofing nails, which makes the roof vulnerable to wind damage. This roof that was only 12 years old now needs to replaced because of the poor craftsmanship.

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